One more Google Pixel 4 leak details the last few camera features we didn’t know about

Curious about more of those Google Pixel 4 camera details? We’ve got another leak (yes, seriously, another one) that shows off the last few things that Google’s camera will be capable of, including some new features and settings. It’s small, but at this point, what else is there to talk about?

This leak comes from an APK teardown courtesy of XDA Developers, who dug in and found some of the new features in the app’s code. We can expect these features to be present on the Pixel 4 when it launches next month.

More camera features

There are several new features present in this leak, including the motion blur effect that we’ve heard about before, better low-light photos with quicker shutter speeds, and some fancy new HDR technology.

The Motion Mode that was previously leaked is detailed here, but the idea stays pretty much the same. You’ll be able to capture moving subjects while applying motion blur to the background, which should make for some excellent sports shots.

Night photos will also see a big upgrade with the Pixel 4 in two different ways. The app is testing ways to increase the shutter speed for low-light photography, so you’ll be able to snap quicker photos without having to wait for the phone to process images. That’s the current biggest problem with night photography, since phones have to do a bit more work to create usable photos.

Aside from quicker shutter speeds, another earlier leak is being confirmed again. The Pixel 4 will supposedly be able to take photos of the night sky, which is something that a few other manufacturers have been toying with. The phone will utilize its GPU to grab images of the sky, then it’ll find the stars in the photos and brighten them to create usable astrophotography. That’s rare for a smartphone, and we’re excited to check it out.

Everything else

But there’s even more coming to the Pixel 4 camera besides just being faster and more accurate in different situations. It looks like Google will be copying Samsung’s audio zoom feature, where when recording videos the phone will try and only pick up the audio on your subject, and it will supposedly feature real-time HDR with a mode called LiveHDR. It will also be able to fix warping around the edges of wide-angle front-facing camera shots.

The camera app should also be able to handle Dynamic Depth Format photos, which was also introduced in Android 10. These files contain depth data for portrait mode shots that can be edited on the fly and after the fact, which should make editing and polishing up pictures much, much better. There should be some improvements to Google’s Photo Booth feature from the Pixel 3, and other AR enhancements are likely to be integrated into the camera software. There’s also a Rewind feature mentioned in the app’s code, but we don’t really know what that will do just yet.

Google’s going all in on the camera

The Pixel line has always relied on the camera to set itself apart from the competition, and that looks to continue this year. We’ve seen several leaks confirming new camera hardware and features, and things like only drive that narrative harder.

On the bright side, though, it looks like Google has been able to keep up the development of its cameras to remain impressive for yet another year. It’s hard to see how they could top it again with the Pixel 5, but I wasn’t expecting this much out of the Pixel 4, so who knows.

source: XDA Developers

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