OnePlus 7T leak confirms a triple camera system, indirectly confirms a higher price tag

The OnePlus 7T has been ramping up its leaks lately, and now we’re getting an official look at the phone for the first time. The leak confirms some of what we’ve heard about the phone, but adds a few more details ahead of the official September unveiling.

The backside of the phone features a triple-camera system in a circular module, which Evan Blass mentioned last week. Those earlier leaks looked very slightly different, so this could just be the difference between the regular OnePlus 7T and the McLaren “Senna” edition. This adds an extra camera from the predecessor OnePlus 7, and brings the phone in line with the Pro models, albeit in a different layout instead of the vertical orientation.

This device is set to launch on September 26th alongside the brand new OnePlus TV, and what will most likely be the OnePlus 7T Pro. Everything else looks to be about what you’d expect for OnePlus’s typical T refreshes, so everything else about the phone seems nearly identical to its predecessor.

We still don’t know about OnePlus TV, and that will likely be the most exciting part of the event. The OnePlus 7 Pro was an excellent device, and we expect the 7T line to continue that (albeit with another price increase) but we know what we’re getting out of those. OnePlus TV will hopefully be something new and exciting.

source: XDA Developers

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