OnePlus Concept One gets revealed with a disappearing camera and leather finish, but not much else

OnePlus teased a Concept One phone before CES, and now they’ve had a chance to take the wraps off of this mysterious new device.

Now obviously this is just a concept phone, so it may not ever actually be released, but it’s fun to dream, right?

Anyways, the Concept One is a OnePlus phone through and through, and generally sticks with current OnePlus design conventions. It uses stitched leather on the back, inspired by the McLaren edition, and a shiny gold trim to make it look more premium and expensive. It’s cool, but we’ve seen leather on phones before, so that’s not really the selling point. What OnePlus wants you to focus on (or not focus on?) is the disappearing cameras.

On the back of the phone sits a vertical array of cameras underneath a layer of glass. At least, that’s what you see when the cameras are turned on. When you turn the camera app off, the glass turns much more opaque and hides the lenses underneath.

It’s not entirely cosmetic, either. Since the glass can turn semi-transparent, it can also effectively be used a filter for taking shots and video in extremely bright light. You’ll have to be in the Pro mode of the OnePlus camera app to do that, though.

And… that’s it. There’s really no other feature to talk about here besides the camera glass, and OnePlus says it still has some quirks to work through before they can get this on a real device. Pricing would be a whole other can of worms that no one wants to talk about right now, too.

It’s not quite as ambitious as other concept phones we’ve seen, like the Mi Mix Alpha, but it looks nice. Again, you probably won’t be able to buy this, ever, but you can at least see what direction OnePlus’s design team is thinking.

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