OnePlus shows off the OnePlus 7T design early and spoils the leaks

If you can’t stop leaks, you can always show off your phone early to spoil them. That’s exactly what OnePlus just did, too.

Over on the OnePlus forums, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau broke out some renders of the upcoming OnePlus 7T and just put them up for the world to see. It’s a pretty full look at the upcoming flagship, too.

As you can see, OnePlus is opting for a triple camera system in a circular module, which is something we’ve seen rumored for quite some time. Actually getting to see it outside of fuzzy leaks makes it look much better, too. This is probably the best looking large camera array that we’ve seen this year, in my opinion.

Lau addresses this camera design in the post, too. The cameras on the back of a phone are extremely noticeable and draw a ton of attention, so if the layout doesn’t look great, you end up with people making tons of memes about it online. The camera layout should be bold while also flowing with the rest of the device, and I’d argue that OnePlus has done a better job of following that rule than Apple, which is a rarity.

Either way, we’re only a few days away from the official announcement of the phone on September 26th. Keep an eye out for those last few leaks.

source: OnePlus

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