OPPO could ditch its rollable phone project to concentrate on the Find N successor and a Galaxy Z Flip 3 competitor

OPPO’s launch of the Find N foldable smartphone at the tail-end of 2021 saw the brand gain some well-deserved plaudits, with special consideration paid to its wider-but-shorter cover display that enables a squarer viewing area than Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 3 when extended. According to a new report, OPPO will concentrate its efforts on the Find N2 and a clamshell foldable which will result in the X 2021 rollable being put on the backburner.

According to Digital Chat Station, OPPO will launch at least one new foldable during 2022 with one of them referred to as “Find N2”, which would succeed the rather sweet-looking Find N. The leaker also suggests that OPPO will launch a clamshell foldable aimed at competing against the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 3 device. The 2022 foldable segment looks promising despite the rumored delay of Google’s own Pixel folding smartphone.

In choosing to focus its efforts on the Find N2 and the new clamshell foldable, OPPO will reportedly put the X 2021 rollable on hold despite there being a second prototype with improved displays and innards.

While foldable smartphones are slowly coming of age with advances in technology aiding manufacturers to offer the devices at a somewhat affordable price, rollable phones have yet to reach the consumer market. This is despite LG, TCL, Samsung, and of course, OPPO having teased us with prototypes previously. At this point, it’s unclear when rollable phones will make it to market but I guess the silver lining of this is that the necessary technology will be mature and affordable when it happens. Maybe.

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