Oppo Reno8 review: Good looks, plugged with some serious fast charging

The mid-range smartphone market is currently where all the action is. Redmi, OnePlus, iQoo, Poco, Samsung, everyone has something to offer in this price segment (Rs 25,000 to Rs 35,000), with similar specifications and features. The latest to join the list is Oppo Reno8. Starting at Rs 29,999, this phone boasts a stylish design, 80W fast charging and a top-notch front camera. But does Oppo Reno8 have what it takes to stand out in this rather competitive segment? Here’s our review.

Oppo Reno8 specifications: 6.4-inch full HD+ AMOLED display 90 Hz resolution | Mediatek Dimensity 1300 | 8GB RAM+128GB storage | 50MP+8MP+2MP camera + 32MP front camera | 4500mAh battery + 80W fast charging | Android 12 based on ColorOS 12

Oppo Reno8 price in India: Rs 29,999 

Oppo Reno8 review: What’s new?

The Reno8 comes just five months after the launch of the Reno7 series. So the first question that comes to our mind is what new features does the new series have to offer? To begin with, Oppo has tweaked the design of Reno8. The camera module is now more seamlessly integrated into the overall design at the back. It doesn’t jut out as much, though there is a slight arc that differentiates the camera area. Oppo claims the new design will ensure no dust accumulates around the area.

Oppo Reno8 review, Oppo Reno8 price Oppo Reno8 now comes with 128GB storage on board. There’s only one variant of the phone on sale. (Image credit: Shruti Dhapola/Indian Express)

With Reno8, Oppo has also changed the processor to Mediatek Dimensity 1300. And yes, there’s only one variant this time as well. However, it has less storage compared to Oppo Reno7. While Reno7 comes with 8GB RAM+256GB storage, Reno8 has only 8GB RAM+128GB storage.

It has the same 32MP front camera as the Reno7 series. But the rear camera is different. The phone gets Sony IMX766 50MP main sensor coupled with the standard 8MP ultra-wide and 2MP macro camera that has become common across devices.

Oppo Reno8 review Oppo Reno8 has a triple camera at the back. (Image credit: Shruti Dhapola/Indian Express)

The other big change in Reno8 is fast charging. Oppo has given this an 80W fast charger, compared to the 65W fast charger on the previous generation. This can ensure a full charge in just 28 minutes.

Oppo Reno8: What’s good?

Reno8 does look stylish. I have the Gold colour, which really does take the ‘glimmer’ bit in its name a tad too seriously. But in case you are not fond of sparkly colours, you can always opt for the Black version. But do remember that, unlike the Pro version which has a glass back, the regular Reno8 has a polycarbonate back. What really appealed to me about the Oppo Reno8 is that it is compact. If you have been looking for a phone that is not too bulky, Reno8 will fit that profile.

Oppo Reno8 review, Oppo Reno8 price Oppo Reno8 runs the Mediatek Dimensity 1300 processor. (Image credit: Shruti Dhapola/Indian Express)

The Oppo Reno8 gets a 6.43-inch Full HD+ display AMOLED display with a 90 Hz refresh rate. The peak brightness offered is around 800 nits. It also has an in-display finger scanner, which works accurately to unlock the phone. But setting it up can be troublesome.

Reno8’s display is pretty much at par with other options in this price range for regular content consumption. I watched a few shows on Netflix and some episodes of Modern Family on Disney+Hotstar and quite liked the experience. The display is legible in bright outdoors as well.

Oppo Reno8 review, Oppo Reno8 price Oppo Reno8’s display has a maximum refresh rate of 90Hz. (Image credit: Shruti Dhapola/Indian Express)

The phone’s daily performance is smooth. I wasn’t expecting much on this end, but the Reno8 did surprise me. The Mediatek Dimensity 1300 processor is good enough for daily tasks and resource-intensive tasks. I had no trouble running games like Genshin Impact, Alto’s Adventure or Asphalt 9 on this phone. The phone didn’t heat up when playing Genshin for a long time, although I did not play at a high graphics rate and stuck with the basic settings.

The second area where Oppo Reno8 impresses is the battery life and charging speed. The battery size is 4500 mAh and I was expecting around 10-12 hours with heavy-duty usage. The phone lived up to those expectations. I had the refresh rate set to 90Hz which does lead to faster battery drain. The phone’s 80W faster charger is quite bulky. But it will ensure that you can quickly top up the phone’s battery. I put the phone to charge when the battery level was 20 per cent and it was back to 90 per cent in just under half an hour.

Oppo Reno8 review, Oppo Reno8 price A low-light sample taken from the Oppo Reno8. (Image credit: Shruti Dhapola/Indian Express)
Oppo Reno8 review, Oppo Reno8 price Another low-light image taken from the Oppo Reno8 with the Night Mode turned on. (Image credit: Shruti Dhapola/Indian Express)
Oppo Reno8 review, Oppo Reno8 price An image taken using the ultra-wide camera of the Oppo Reno8. (Image credit: Shruti Dhapola/Indian Express)
Oppo Reno8 review, Oppo Reno8 price An image taken using the Oppo Reno8. (Image credit: Shruti Dhapola/Indian Express)
Oppo Reno8 review, Oppo Reno8 price An image taken using the Oppo Reno8. (Image credit: Shruti Dhapola/Indian Express)
Oppo Reno8 review, Oppo Reno8 price An image of a sunflower taken using the Oppo Reno8. (Image credit: Shruti Dhapola/Indian Express)
Oppo Reno8 review, Oppo Reno8 price Oppo Reno8 camera sample of a pink flower. (Image credit: Shruti Dhapola/Indian Express)

Reno8’s camera is another positive, though there are some areas where it could be better. The main camera delivers good results with ample details and colour range. The colours are heavily saturated at times, though, which is something I don’t like much. But the pictures are pleasing overall and what many would consider social media ready. Oppo Reno8 also does a good job of handling colours like reds and pinks, which in my experience can still be a problem for some other phones.

Oppo Reno8: What’s not so good?

One thing that failed to impress me is the phone’s selfie camera. I clicked a few selfies before going out to dinner but the picture is too artificial for my liking. I took a few more selfies without switching on the beauty filters, and they still feel overprocessed. Zooming in on the selfie shows the lack of details and there is visible pixelation in the photos.

An image of a Superman figure that was taken using the Oppo Reno8 in low-light with the Night Mode on. (Image credit: Shruti Dhapola/Indian Express)

The Reno8 does an average job in low light or poorly lit conditions. You can see in this picture of Superman above, that it doesn’t get the details quite right of the face, though admittedly these were challenging conditions. But not all pictures in low light were terrible. Still, this is clearly not the strong suit of the camera.

Oppo Reno8: Verdict

The Reno8 is a fairly capable phone where the performance, battery and charging speed really stand out. The camera does the job well, though I’m not a fan of those over-processed selfies. Oppo Reno8’s problem isn’t that it doesn’t have much to offer. The question many will ask, and rightly so, is: Is this the best specification that you can get in this price range? The answer is, possibly not.

There are options in the market such as Poco F4 with a glass design, which is priced at Rs 27,999. Then there’s Redmi K50i, which has a powerful Mediatek Dimensity 8100 processor. There’s also the OnePlus Nord 2T that has similar specifications as the Oppo, including the charging speed. For those who want more value for money, Reno8 might have a tough time making its case.

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