Palworld is still improving as new updates continue to fix known issues

What you need to know

  • If you were under a rock at the beginning of the year, Palworld was released on Xbox Game Pass and Steam and has now surpassed 25 million players. 
  • The Steam version has now been updated to version, and Xbox will get the update soon. 
  • The updates address a series of bugs and glitches to improve the game. 

Palworld launched 2024 with a bang, destroying everybody’s expectations for what an ‘AA’ game could do. It also showed the power of Game Pass as it allowed strong word of mouth and ease of access, allowing over 7 million people to play it via Xbox’s fantastic subscription service. Since that last report, PocketPair has stated that the game has hit 25 million players, 15 million on Steam, and 10 million on Xbox, which is a fantastic accomplishment. 

The newest updates to the game aren’t remarkable meta changes, but they are small progressive changes to the game to fix bugs and glitches and improve overall stability that shows the developers are dedicated and capable of making this game one worth coming back to over and over. 

What changes were made in recent Palworld updates?

Recent updates addressed major quality-of-life issues like Pals getting stuck around your base.  (Image credit: Windows Central)

Two recent updates are worth going over, so let’s look at them chronologically. The first update currently implemented on Xbox, which waits for version, is version It’s worth noting the changes and fixes added in version, though, as they are still implemented in version 

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