PancakeSwap v3 is live on BNB Chain and Ethereum, could boost presale tokens like digitoads

The goal of every decentralized finance (DeFi) token is to eventually list on decentralized exchanges. The advantages that follow could boost growth and increase project activity. 

PancakeSwap v3 recently launched on BNB Chain (BSC) and Ethereum.

The ripple effect of this development could positively affect tokens like DigiToads (TOADS), which are currently on their presale, possibly augmenting their chances of success.

This article develops on the significance of the PancakeSwap v3 listing and its impact on presale tokens like digitoads (TOADS).

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DigiToads prices may benefit

Integrating PancakeSwap v3 with BNB Chain and Ethereum Network set a precedent for DigiToads to follow suit. TOADS is a DeFi token of DigiToads that incorporates play-to-earn (P2E), GameFi, and other innovative web3 technology. TOADS has been rising, and DigiToads is posting more interactions because investors know PancakeSwap v3’s success could benefit the project.

Like DigiToads, PancakeSwap also held its presale event for CAKE. TOADS presale holders could receive higher returns on investment (ROI) than those who buy after listing on exchanges. This is because they buy the token at a discount and can sell it for a higher price once it has been listed.

DigiToads bring together non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and gaming. Similar to CAKE, the potential that TOADS will be listed on multiple platforms has increased the number of token holders and attracted trading activity.

TOADS, whose project, DigiToads, is being built on Ethereum, has the potential of being available on major ethereum (ETH) exchanges when listed, hinting at broader exposure to an audience of buyers as a token that investors can consider buying today. This possibility has attracted investors because the token can also help diversify a portfolio. 

PancakeSwap v3 unveils new features

PancakeSwap v3 is a new iteration of the popular decentralized exchange (DEX) on BSC and Ethereum. This upgrade promises to introduce several features and improvements.

The native token, CAKE, rose on the news towards $3 of PancakeSwap v3 release. 

PancakeSwap v3’s launch on Ethereum has opened the DEX up for expansion to more users and liquidity providers. The rate of operations between both networks will likely increase, providing seamless transactions.

Another exciting feature of the new PancakeSwap v3 is the introduction of NFTs. This upgrade allows users to create, buy, and sell NFTs. Notably, it is part of a growing trend among DEXs to integrate NFTs and expand beyond fungible tokens.

PancakeSwap was already popular in the Binance ecosystem and remains the largest DEX by trading volumes and liquidity. Expansion to Ethereum will likely increase reach and activity, helping it increase its total value locked (TVL).

The TOADS presale is currently in its second stage. Investors can consider the token and buy, taking advantage of the presale price.

For more information on DigiToads, visit the website, join the presale, or join the community.

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