Polkadot Recovery And HUH Token Are Successfully Multi-Chain


    January 14, 2022


    Polkadot is one of many different cryptocurrencies that are experiencing a recovery period in their market price. This is a welcomed period after such an extensive bearish trend that took over the crypto market towards the end of 2021.

    HUH Token also shared its exciting news. HUH token is now multichain and its creators are continuing the development of their social media platform that will be released at a later date for the public. This is a space that has not been heavily explored before and could present an opportunity for those who want to hold the token before the social platform launches.

    Polkadot has its own blockchain and therefore, its native currency is a coin. Polkadot is an interesting concept as it is formed of two different types of blockchain. The main blockchain is known as the relay chain, where permanent transactions take place. The alternative blockchains are created by users and Polkadot refers to them as parachains.

    The parachains are meant to be adapted for various use cases and then feedback to the main blockchain, the idea being that normal blockchains can be limited in the number of uses they can provide. Whereas Polkadot is bringing a unique concept to the cryptocurrency space.

    HUH Token was developed primarily with the HUH team’s future vision in mind. That vision includes a social media platform where HUH Token would be a currency within the network. The idea would involve a significant incentive for content creators to move themselves and their audience to the new platform as there would be rewards for the content they make. Creators would be rewarded for the type and amount of engagement on anything that they make, allowing a wide variety of entertainment types to be shared.

    Despite the social platform being a future endeavour, HUH Token itself also has qualities that are appealing to investors who are considering purchasing a newer token. HUH Token has a referral system that provides Binance Coin to those who successfully refer new buyers. Moreover, HUH Token provides static reflection. This is a small fee applied to trades involving HUH Token. This fee is then redistributed across every HUH Token wallet.

    One of the latest updates for HUH Token is that they have become a multichain cryptocurrency. Initially, the token was only available on PancakeSwap. Since then, HUH Token has been listed on UniSwap and is therefore available on the Ethereum and Binance Blockchain. This will allow more users to purchase HUH Token or swap using a wider variety of tokens, increasing the token’s trading volume.

    Future endeavours are an essential factor when considering where to place your money with hopes of a high return. Polkadot is one of the contenders for a new blockchain to challenge for a higher position in the cryptocurrency world. HUH Token is a brand-new token with exciting prospects. It could be worth acquiring it before the token increases in price due to updates on their overarching project.


    Learn More About HUH Token Here:

    Website: https://huh.social

    HUH Official Swap: https://swap.huh.social/

    Telegram: https://t.me/HUHTOKEN

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/HuhToken

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/huhToken/


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