Product Review of Math vs. Dinosaurs

What Users Love About the App

“We have a 6 year old boy and we are always trying new maths learning apps. have tried too many to count. This game has been a hit. he loves playing it and his maths is getting better. great app.”

“My granddaughter absolutely loves this game. She was having trouble with math and was required to do 5 minutes a day. With this game, she will do 30 minutes!”

“I like how it teaches you different things like adding, subtracting, multiplying, and division and helps make you ahead of the class.”

“Education game Love it because you have to use your brain to play it! The parental controls and record tracks are also great.”

“I love this, it’s so cool and I love dinosaurs and I’m practicing math too so I love it.”

What Users Dislike About the App

“Can’t even start. Ads keep on coming in over and over again very irritating stupid Ads are everywhere.”

“I had to restart the whole game This game is dumb.”

“This is the stupidest game ever. It would never be good it takes forever to load it is very very stupid.”

“Bombarded With Ads There are full-screen ads between levels and full-screen videos regularly too. My son spent as much time watching ads as playing the game.”

“Game is fine, but the ads are inappropriate. The game was lots of fun, but making children watch very long videos of killing games is not nice. Neither are the multiple attempts to get kids to buy these games.”

“Hardly any dinosaurs it is boring!”

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