Product Review of Mentimeter – The Tech Edvocate

What Users Love About the App

“I really like that the results are shown in real-time. It engages the staff when we are doing ice breakers, surveys, quizzes, etc. And because they are seeing results in real-time (especially during quizzes), it makes staff more competitive.”

“Mentimeter is very easy to use and navigate. Its online presentations are GREAT for use in the classroom, even in elementary school! Their interactive site for activities, menti, is just as easy to use for children or colleagues! I love all of the different interactive presentations you can do with a group of people. My favorite presentation activity is creating word clouds with my kids!”

“Any presentation created with Mentimeter looks professional and presentable. Mentimeter takes care of the design aspect for you. It’s straightforward and extremely easy to use. It’s also flexible – I’ve used Mentimeter for live surveys, quizzes, training, you name it. They’ve got excellent customer support. Glad it was recommended to me.”

I love how easy it is to use Mentimeter. Elicit responses without having participants or students create accounts. A wide variety of response types are available.”

“I love the different forms you can select to use Mentimeter, it’s easy to create and apply surveys, word clouds, diagrams, and flow charts with it. As well as it’s a live-action collaborative program; I use it in class with my students and I’ve always had a good experience working with it.”

What Users Dislike About the App

“When students login without accounts, you can’t track who writes what responses and need to be mindful of the anonymity. Only some response types are available for free.”

“When I import slides the fonts are distorted/converted to a general font. Also, there’s no way to import slides to a certain spot within an existing deck, they always pop in at the end which can add some time if you have to click and drag the new slides into the deck somewhere.”

“I disliked the purchasing process as we purchased Mentimeter through my workplace and since they are an international vendor it was pretty difficult communicating with them. Just a hint, I recommend one having much patience through the purchasing process.”

“There are quite a few bugs: Sometimes the app doesn’t remember the event code. There are times when a question cannot be skipped. Also, the dashboard could be more intuitive.”

“Uploading a presentation proved difficult, despite it meeting the designated parameters. All of the options such as quizzes, polling, etc were greyed out and couldn’t be accessed.”

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