Product Review of MindTools – The Tech Edvocate

What Users Love About the App

“I was putting together a class on time management and MindTools had some great resources that helped a lot. People in my classes remarked that some of the things I got from the website were really helpful to them. They also have some great resources on leadership skills, which is something I do consult on.”

“I love the wide variety of learning topics. I like how straightforward the training is. They are really useful and relevant and easy to comprehend.”

“The ease of access and the fact you can pace yourself with how quickly you want to go; or what you want to look at. there are a wide variety of topics you can research to help yourself or your team. You can alter to fit your company’s values etc and highlight the portions you feel your company needs the most; which is a big benefit”

“You can find information on every leadership topic. If I needed to discuss a specific topic in a team meeting, I could easily search Mind Tools to find additional information on the topic, possibly a case study or some tools that could be used by my team.”

“There are so many resources available for free. Templates and short narratives bring theory and practice to life. It’s not difficult to quickly apply or implement a new idea method of doing something.”

What Users Dislike About the App

“The lack of communication and unresponsiveness from team support. I’m trying to cancel my membership and I just can’t find where. I have emailed Helpdesk and also a supposed second customer services but no reaction at all.”

“Not very dynamic material- Very Self led; no real follow-ups; or new material presented; some of it feels a little dated- also If a manager isn’t self-driven, or doesn’t find performance management useful they more than likely will not be self-motivated to log on individually to complete the modules.”

“This app requires you to sign in to your Apple ID account EACH and EVERY TIME you use it. If I could give it zero, I would. HONESTLY, I want my money back.”

“The app just opens and then a loading screen spins perpetually forever. You can’t click on anything or do anything. I’ve tried deleting and redownloading and powering off and back on, nothing works.”

“Not a real “app” just text…don’t waste your time with it. It also tries to “feed” you to their website where they want to sell you high priced extras so basically this app is SPAM”

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