Proton Drive Is Getting Even Better

Proton Drive is the encrypted cloud storage service from the company that brought you Proton VPN and Proton Mail. It has received a few helpful improvements over the past year, and now there are new file sharing options and other changes.

Proton has announced a series of significant upgrades to its cloud storage service, Proton Drive. The update introduces enhanced sharing functionality, allowing users to share files directly with others via email while maintaining complete control over access permissions. You’re able to set viewer or editor permissions in a whim, and if something goes wrong, you can always retroactively revoke access so that those users can’t access those files. It’s pretty neat, and makes Proton Drive a powerful file sharing tool that also happens to be encrypted.

With this update, Proton Drive is becoming an even better tool for sharing files regardless of whether you’re a privacy-conscious individual or a business where security is your top priority. As it’s always the case with announcements of this kind, Proton is yet again re-emphasizing the fact that complete privacy is its priority, and everything, including this new feature, takes into account end-to-end encryption. Your files are only for yourself and for whoever you share them with, and not even Proton can get over this encryption.

Proton Drive’s enhanced sharing features allow users to create shared file spaces for seamless and secure collaboration, while maintaining full privacy and control over their data. Anant Vijay Singh, Product Lead for Proton Drive, says that “unlike Google and Apple, which maintain access to your data, Proton offers full privacy through end-to-end encryption. This feature gives users complete control of their data, keeping it private from everyone except those they choose to share it with.” He went on to add that “Proton Drive now combines familiar collaboration tools with uncompromising security and privacy.”

If you want to give improved file sharing in Proton Drive a spin, you can now do so from the web, while mobile versions will be getting this feature in the near future as well. It’s available for everyone, including for free and Unlimited users.

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