Pure Classic C-D6 DAB radio review: tap into some CD-playing, retro music love

Pure Classic C-D6: Two-minute review

The Pure Classic C-D6, and devices like them, are enjoying quite the comeback. Once in seemingly terminal decline, radio is back on the up and if you’re anything like me, you’re quietly impressed by the myriad DAB channel options out there. Heart 90s to propel you out of bed in the morning, Classic FM to crawl back there a few hours later.

Tapping into the retro joy that comes from a music system that includes a DAB/FM radio, CD player and Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity, the Pure Classic C-D6’s old-school stylings look the part but won’t suit everyone. It’s squarely designed (literally) for sitting somewhere in a corner of your living room, destined to live out its days there. This isn’t portable and it’s sizeable enough that you won’t even want to move it between rooms unless you have absolutely to. 

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