Razer USB-C Dock review: Only Razer could make me care this much about a dock

Watching the announcements coming out of CES 2024, while exciting, doesn’t often result in much I actually need, let alone can afford. Not this year, though, the product I was most excited about wasn’t the crazy haptic feedback chair, but the Razer USB-C Dock. Now, I already have a USB-C dock, I have many, so why did I care about this one? Because it’s Razer. Well, ok, not completely true, I genuinely wanted something more portable with all the ports I need to be able to use my Razer Book on the go, and that would actually be stylish enough to match my laptop. It being ‘Razer’ does help, though. I hit purchase the day it launched, and here’s how I’ve got on with it so far.

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