Reduce load times in PC games with this 1TB Samsung 980 SSD deal

Samsung makes some of the best PC storage out there and the 980 range is especially good for PCs with M.2 slots. As it’s Black Friday, we’re seeing plenty of SSD deals surface and $100 for a 1TB PCIe 3.0 SSD seemed like a great deal to use for gamers.

You can use something like the Samsung 980 for the OS, be it Windows 11 or your favorite Linux distro, or for games. PC titles are growing in size and so are our game libraries, making 1TB almost the bare minimum for those who enjoy installing a few games to choose from.

Samsung 980 SSD

Samsung 980 1TB SSD | Save $40!

While this may not be as fancy as its 980 Pro sibling (and doesn’t come with DRAM), the Samsung 980 is still a rapid SSD that’s worth considering for your ever-growing library of PC games. With read speeds of up to 3,500MB/s, loading screens will be a thing of the past.

$100 at Newegg

So just how fast is this drive? Samsung rates it at 3,500MB/s for read and 3,000MB/s for write, which we confirmed to be the case in our own testing. These are excellent speeds, even for PCIe standards. Whether you choose to use the Samsung 980 for your OS installation or game library, it’s going to improve your PC tenfold.

All that’s required is a space M.2 slot. Not all of these are equal and it depends on your processor and motherboard. Most modern Intel or AMD CPUs and boards will have more than one M.2 that can run at PCIe speeds, but even if the only available M.2 slot is SATA on your motherboard you can still use the Samsung 980, albeit at slower speeds.

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