Report: Apple in talks to offer combined streaming bundle of Apple TV+ and Paramount+

Apple is said to be in early talks with Paramount about a possible streaming bundle deal, that would see Apple TV+ and Paramount+ sold together at a price less than the cost of purchasing both services separately.

The notion of a cross-platform streaming bundle is becoming increasingly common, as streamers experiment with new ways to attract and retain subscribers. Today’s Wall Street Journal report says talks between Apple and Paramount are still in the preliminary stages and it did not detail exactly what the Apple and Paramount bundle would look like, if a deal comes to fruition.

Right now, Apple TV+ is priced at $9.99 per month and the Paramount+ ad-free tier is priced at $11.99 month. You would therefore expect the discussed bundle price to be meaningfully cheaper than $22/month, the current price of buying both services separately.

The two companies have a history of working together. In fact, this would not be the first time Apple has partnered with Paramount (formerly ViacomCBS) to offer a bundle package. In 2021, Apple offered a bundle of Showtime and CBS All Access at a 50% discount for Apple TV+ subscribers, through the TV app. This offer was removed in the months after the launch of Paramount+.

The reported bundle talks is the latest sign that Apple is aggressively adapting to the realities of the modern streaming video market. Although Apple does not disclose official viewing figures, Apple TV+ is widely believed to be the smallest player in both subscribers and watch time.

Recently, it has embarked on several new endeavours to raise awareness. That includes giving big-budget original films wide theatrical distribution first, before streaming on Apple TV+. Both ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’ and ‘Napoleon’ are currently in theaters, with Apple TV+ streaming release dates not yet announced.

Apple has also partnered with carriers to include Apple TV+ with phone plans, made a landmark deal with Canal+ in France to bundle Apple TV+ content at no extra charge, and more.

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