Review humanities courses in tech institutes, says parliamentary panel

A parliamentary panel has suggested that the ‘experiment’ for imparting humanities in technological institutions should be reviewed so that its impact on such institutions’ academic institutions can be assessed. Additionally, the panel further recommended that the Ministry of Education think about incentivising engineering education in regional languages through awards for good translators and writers on engineering subjects in regional languages.

The committee, which was headed by Rajya Sabha MP Vinay Sahasrabuddhe, further underlined that there is an urgent need to revisit and revamp the norms regarding starting online courses.

It also stated that efforts need to be undertaken for offering a level playing field with regard to grants in aid.


The parliamentary report went on to state, “The committee recommends that the experiment of providing courses in humanities in technology institutions be reviewed so as to assess its impact on the academic climate in such institutions.”

“However, keeping in view the broad thrust of NEP, 2020 towards holistic and multidisciplinary education, the committee also recommends the incorporation of social sciences, humanities, arts modules in the technical education curriculum for the development of students with well-rounded personalities,” it added.


The report by the parliamentary panel further said, “The Department of Higher Education may consider incentivising engineering education in regional languages by way of awards for good translators and writers on engineering subjects in regional languages.”

The committee additionally suggested that the Department of Higher Education, UGC, and institutions assess the existing situation of academia-industry relationships and take steps to enhance them since they may significantly help mitigate the shortage of skilled workforce.

“The panel is of the view that such collaboration between the industry and higher educational institutions would help students develop crucial entrepreneurship/business skills, provide hands-on experience and help create a robust talent pool,” the report stated further.


The parliamentary committee said further, “The committee observes that there was an urgent need to revisit and revamp the norms for starting online courses and the concerned authorities should take measures in this regard.”

The committee further observed that the assessment parameters and recognition of several courses under regulatory bodies need to be updated so that they can be brought in tune with current best practices.

It stated further, “Efforts be made towards offering a level playing field as far as grants in aid were concerned.”

(With PTI inputs)

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