Saitama Inu & Bitgert (BRISE) Register Dramatic Increase In Holders

    • Bitgert Brise exchange is launching in Q1 2022
    • Bitgert zero gas fee blockchain is coming up soon
    • Saitama Inu Saitamask is launching soon

    The last few weeks have been good for the Saitama Inu and the Bitgert (BRISE). The two crypto projects are recording a huge number of new holders. But this is not by sheer luck. A lot is happening behind the scenes for these projects, which is attracting thousands of crypto investors.

    Bitgert (BRISE), a DeFi protocol on BSC, has been impressive. The team is building a payment system that enables users to transact directly on a p2p platform. Launched a month after Saitama Inu, end of July 2021, the Bitgert project has made astounding accomplishments for the last five months. The team has released multiple products, including the ongoing Bitgert staking. Already, over $30m worth of $BRISE has been staked.

    Although the staking process has greatly increased the number of token holders, the anticipate products’ launch is driving this growth. In December 2021, the Bitgert team announced the launch of the anticipated Brise exchange. The centralized exchange will be one of the biggest milestones for this project, and many investors are buying the token because of the expected mooning after the launch. The exchange is launching in Q1 2022.

    But the biggest news that is attracting the entire crypto industry is the Bitgert zero gas fee blockchain. The team made the announcement at the end of December 2021 that instantly caused a surge in the coin price. With this blockchain, users will not pay a gas fee to make transactions.

    The gas fee is a big problem in the crypto market, and with Bitgert blockchain providing solutions, it will become the number one choice for crypto users. The blockchain is in the development stages, and the team will announce the launch date very soon.

    On the other hand, the Saitama Inu team has announced the launch of the widely anticipated Saitamask. This is a smart wallet with incredible features and functionalities. In fact, the Saitama Inu team says it is developing a one-stop shop for DeFi with this wallet.

    The Saitama Inu wallet is more like an exchange with real-world use. Users will be able to perform multiple transactions, including buying and selling goods and services, which is making it popular with investors.

    The Saitamask is also enabling users to create and trade NFTs, which is attracting potential gamers to the Saitama Inu ecosystem. Apart from the smart wallet, many other products like Saitamaker, SaitaEdutainment, and Saitamarket are attracting crypto investors hence the recent dramatic increase in holders.

    Bitgert and Saitama Inu are crypto projects with massive potential to be among the largest cryptocurrencies of 2022. The Bitgert staking is still going, with staking investors already enjoying the 80% APY of the generated revenue.

    $Brise token is available at purchase PancakeSwap, MEXC Global, Bitmart, LBank,, and other exchanges. For more information about Bitgert coin, check out the following platforms:





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