Sam Sung’s Apple Memorabilia Auction Raises Money for Nonprofit

Sam Sung’s Apple Memorabilia Auction Raises Money for Nonprofit

It is hard to imagine Apple and Samsung collaborating on anything other than court dates, but an eBay auction by former Apple employee Sam Sung of his Apple business card, employee t-shirt and lanyard raised C$1,152 (roughly US$890) for the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre of Vancouver, which provides safe spaces for women and children in Vancouver, BC.

The Apple business card, which lists the former employee as “Sam Sung, Specialist” according to The Independent, was mounted in a frame along with Sung’s blue uniform top, which prominently features Apple’s logo.

The auction, which ended Aug. 23, was the second of workplace memorabilia by Sung, a former Apple employee. According to, Sung (currently a career coach who now goes by the name Sam Struan) had auctioned off one of his business cards after leaving Apple’s retail operations in 2013. That earlier lot generated both real and specious interest: at one point false bids exceeded C$80,000 (around $US 62,000), The Independent reported.

The earlier auction ultimately raised more than $C2,500 (around US$1,933 as of 2022) for the Children’s Wish Foundation of BC and Yukon in Vancouver. Children’s Wish Foundation grants wishes to Canadian children between the ages of three and 17 who have been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. In October 2019, Children’s Wish Foundation Merged with Make a Wish Canada. The organization functions under the Make a Wish brand.

In the lot description for the most recent eBay auction, Sung-now-Struan swore that the business card auctioned off in the latest lot, which had been found by a family member, was the last in his possession, according to The Independent. The business card in the new lot hails from Sung’s time at an Apple store in Glasgow, Scotland, where he grew up and worked for Apple between 2010 and 2012, according to Business Standard.

If the card from the last auction truly is the last in Sung’s possession, it will mark the end of this line of collectibles – at least until electronics firm Samsung hires singer Fiona Apple as a sales associate.

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