Samsung brings back Apple’s Antennagate with the Galaxy Tab S5e

Remember the iPhone 4 and the oddly placed antennas that would drop your phone calls if you held it the wrong way? You’d think we’d want to leave that in the past, but Samsung has dropped the ball with the Galaxy Tab S5e and put the WiFi radio in a very inconvenient spot, and it will drop out if you hold it wrong.

It’s probably even worse that this comes on the heels of an exploding Galaxy S10 5G and design flaws in the Galaxy Fold.

The issue with the Tab S5e happens if you hold the tablet with your hand on the lower left corner. For reference, that’s going to be if you’re using it horizontally with the front-facing camera on the left. If you use it vertically, or flip it so the front camera is on the right, you won’t have these problems.

Placing your hand over that sweet spot does some serious damage to your WiFi connectivity. It won’t necessarily kill the connection completely as long as you do have a strong connection, but in many cases that’s going to be enough to choke your video stream or cause your music to skip.

Replacement devices are apparently exhibiting the same problems, which means, yep, this is just a design flaw. That’s bad news, because warranty replacements and software updates aren’t going to help.

Come on, Samsung.

source: SamMobile

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