Samsung finally details the Galaxy Home Mini smart speaker, but still hides the full-size version

Samsung announced its full-size Galaxy Home back in 2018. Since then, it’s been delayed, swept under the rug, and no real details have come out about it. We know it’s a smart speaker with Bixby, but how much will it cost? Will it be available everywhere? Who knows?

Since then, Samsung has announced a smaller Galaxy Home Mini, and it looks like it’ll have an actual release date before the full Galaxy Home. Which is strange, to say the least.

The Galaxy Home Mini is exactly what you’d expect. It’s a smart speaker with speakers crafted from Samsung’s AKG brand, and it can control other IoT devices via Samsung’s SmartThings platform. It also uses Bixby instead of Google Assistant or Alexa, which is honestly probably a bigger con than anything.

Samsung says they’re planning on making Bixby simply an excellent assistant for small voice tasks instead of a big conversational assistant like Google Assistant, but with the weird launch this has had, we’re not sure even that makes sense. The market is saturated, Bixby doesn’t have very many fans, and we still have no idea if the full-sized Galaxy Home will ever even release. If this thing is priced cheaply enough I guess you might get some early enthusiast support, but I don’t see many people investing a ton of effort into an ecosystem that might just disappear one day. We’ve all been burned on that before.

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