Samsung Galaxy Ring will be all-Android friendly

Samsung is working on ensuring its Galaxy Ring won’t only be compatible with the company’s Galaxy handsets.

The forthcoming wearable will be compatible with other Android devices, Samsung said during a recent interview at MWC earlier this week.

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iOS users, as expected, will probably miss out. However, with reports suggesting Apple too is interested in developing its own variant, perhaps not for too long.

“We recognise the iOS/Android challenge, and we ultimately hope that our devices are of such caliber that people will be willing to switch,” Hon Pak, a Samsung VP who heads up the digital health team, told CNET. When asked about the compatibility with Android devices, he confirmed: “That’s where we are. And then beyond? I think it’s TBD.”

The report also had a little insight into the battery sizes and weights within the Galaxy Ring models. The smallest model will only have a 14.5mAh battery and weigh a slight 2.3g. The large model will have 21.5mAh battery, while it’ll weight 2.9g. Samsung reckons there’ll be battery life of 5-9 days in total.

Perhaps most interestingly though is the synergy with the Galaxy Watch. Samsung says wearing both the Ring and the Watch would improve the quality of the data. “We know that, for example, the performance of sleep staging goes up when both devices are worn,” Pak said.

We already know there’ll be NFC and Samsung Pay on board, as well as 24/7 heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen levels, hart rate variability, sleep stages, sleep duration and more. There’ll also be cycle tracking, skin temperature, stress monitoring and more.

Price and release date is still to be confirmed, but we’d wager a proper launch alongside the Galaxy Z Fold and Flip models in the summer.

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