Samsung Galaxy Store picks up dark mode, One UI redesign

Samsung’s Galaxy Store isn’t frequently used, but it’s still a key part of Samsung’s Galaxy ecosystem. You can pull a few exclusive apps from their storefront over the Play Store, and there are always some deals for Galaxy customers, like Fortnite skins.

It still sees some semi-frequent updates, too, with the latest splashing in a little more One UI flavor and a dark mode.

This update, which brings the Galaxy Store to version, is a pretty small upgrade, but it does make some small UX adjustments to better match Samsung’s newer software.

But dark mode is the most important thing! Now when your phone shifts from light to dark mode, the Galaxy Store will change with it, along with most of Samsung’s other apps. That was a big change in Android 9.0 Pie, and it’s finally permeated almost all of Samsung’s software.

This update should be rolling out automatically to your Galaxy device.

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