Samsung has combined RAM and ROM into one package for even smaller, more efficient devices

Samsung has made a big move towards even smaller, more efficient mobile devices. They currently offer LPDDR4X RAM in up to 12GB packages for tons of memory in mobile phones, and they make high-speed, eUFS storage to hold everything a device could need, but now they’re combining the two for even bigger space savings.

Innovation in memory and storage

This newest innovation offers four RAM chips and UFS storage on one package, which should theoretically speed up manufacturing for devices and save space within the phones directly. We know that the RAM will come in up to 12GB configurations, but we don’t know how much storage can be purchased with this combination.

Down the line if this becomes mainstream, you can expect to see devices that can fit in slightly bigger batteries and have more room for other pieces and parts, like better speakers or vibration motors. It should also be a little easier on a processor, which should also turn into some slight battery savings.

Samsung says these packages are going into mass production now, so you can expect phones to start taking advantage of the combination in the next few months.

source: Overclock3D

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