Samsung is really ashamed of the Galaxy Fold’s design, asks iFixit to remove their teardown

A few days ago iFixit posted a teardown of Samsung’s currently unreleased Galaxy Fold, and they were pretty direct in pointing out some of the design flaws of the phone.

Apparently, though, Samsung isn’t very happy with the situation, and they’ve pressured iFixit to pull the teardown guide from their site. There’s no better way to make people talk about your product than by telling them they can’t.

iFixit didn’t have to pull this down, but they were willing to yank it to keep their relationship with their unnamed supplier in calm waters.

On Samsung’s end, however, there’s really no way to walk away from this looking good. The article’s still available through internet archives, and news outlets have already covered it. Pulling the guide itself just brings more attention to the potential design flaws of the phone, and they would’ve been discovered once the phone is out at retail, anyway. That’s also exactly what’s going to happen after the official launch when iFixit can buy a retail unit and redo the teardown guide, and Samsung won’t be able to have that one removed.

Apparently Samsung is just really ashamed of how poorly designed their Galaxy Fold was, and they’re taking it out on the wrong people.

source: Ars Technica

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