Samsung is updating their phones faster than Google

Google is typically pretty good at updating their Pixel phones. They run fairly barebones version of Android, and they manage the hardware and software side of things. That’s been pretty consistent for the last few years, but after a messy end of 2019 with delayed security patches, Samsung is striking while the iron is hot.

Most of Samsung’s current flagship lineup has already been updated to Android 10, and now the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+ in Germany are already on the January security patch. That’s faster than Google has been able to push out updates to their Pixels, even if it’s only in one specific country.

That update should be rolling out to other countries and devices soon, too, and while they might not all beat Google to the punch, this definitely marks a turning point for Samsung. We’re past the days of terrible Samsung software updates. Sure, they’re still not the best around, but they’re getting pretty good alongside making one of the better Android skins around.

Good job, Samsung.

source: SamMobile

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