Samsung may restrict Galaxy Fold re-launch to selected regions initially

First unveiled during the Galaxy S10 Unpacked event on February 20th, Samsung’s Galaxy Fold was to be its first foray into the brand new segment of foldable smartphones. Review units were handed out to the usual suspects as Samsung raced to beat its competitors to the punch. Alas, stories soon appeared saying that the Galaxy Fold had a couple of design flaws and Samsung soon pulled the sample units from the reviewers so that it could research how to remedy the issues. Now it seems that whenever the Galaxy Fold is eventually re-launched, it will initially only be available in selected markets.

According to Sammobile, Samsung is looking at perhaps only launching the Galaxy Fold in the US, UK, Germany, France, and India, with firmware only being developed for those regions.

Just to recap, this is why the Galaxy Fold was pulled by Samsung. The flaws included debris getting gummed up in the hinge, the display showing a noticeable crease after use, and the protective film being pulled off or damaged as reviewers thought it was a screen protector. Once the review units were retrieved, pre-orders at AT&T and Best Buy were canceled with Samsung first saying that it may just be a couple of weeks until it was re-launched. Weeks and months passed, and a whole bunch of rumors about the possible launch re-launch date was bandied about. Needless to say, they were all wrong because we are still waiting for the Galaxy Fold to become available.

When will the Galaxy Fold launch again? Who knows, but the later it does, the closer it will be to Huawei launching its Mate X folding phone which is thought to be during September. Are you still waiting for the Galaxy Fold, or are you going to see what Huawei’s Mate X brings to the table?

Source: SamMobile

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