Samsung QN85B review: lavish 4K HDR images, but OLED TVs have it beat

Samsung QN85B: two-minute review

The Samsung QN85B looks like an incredibly competitive TV on paper, and while the battle is never won on paper, you have to start somewhere. Its Mini-LED technology (which Samsung calls Neo QLED) is apparent both in the slimness of the screen’s profile and in its high levels of brightness peak brightness. 

For gamers, the Samsung QN85B has HDMI 2.1 features across all its HDMI sockets and can exploit every feature of your next-gen console. It’s also fitted with a state-of-the-art picture processor, a redesigned version of the Tizen smart TV interface that’s been a highlight of Samsung TVs for a while now, and it’s got six speaker drivers that want to give you a tiny taste of spatial audio. 

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