Samsung set to unveil its latest flagship at Unpacked on February 11

It looks like we finally know when Samsung will be officially announcing the Galaxy S11, and possibly even the Galaxy Fold 2. A promo video, announcing the event, was uploaded to a Samsung press channel, and Twitter user @water8192 was able to grab it before it was pulled.

The video itself is nothing necessarily special. There are some cool animations and effects, with an event date at the end, along with confirmation that the event will be livestreamed, as per the norm.

Samsung usually announces its new Galaxy S flagship this time of year, normally in February or March. However, there’s also the possibility of a Galaxy Fold 2 announcement alongside the Galaxy S11 (or is it the Galaxy S20?), especially if the “folding” effects in the promo video is a hint.

An actual location for the event is unknown at this time. Typically, Samsung has done the unveiling in New York the past few years, but did have a year where they announced the Galaxy S8 in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress.

As far as naming conventions go, renowned Twitter leakster Ice Universe is fairly convinced that Samsung is ditching the S11 naming convention, and going straight for Galaxy S20, though we’ve already seen leaked S11 promo material.

Stay tuned, folks. If the event is this close, we’ll no doubt see official invites circulating soon here.

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