Samsung Unpacked is now official for February 9th, 2022

Samsung Unpacked 2022

It seems like just a few hours ago we were talking about a rumor that had Samsung Unpacked pinned down for February 9th. Oh, wait, was that actually just a few hours ago?

Well, turns out that leak was dead on, and Samsung has made it official just a while later. If the leakers already figured it out, it makes sense to pull back the curtain for the rest of the world.

Samsung Unpacked 2022

The event, now officially confirmed by Samsung, will be held in just a couple weeks on February 9th, 2022. It’ll be at 10AM EST, and will obviously be streamed for everyone on YouTube, Samsung’s own site, and a couple other places.

So what are we expecting at this event? The Galaxy S22 and all its variants are easy picks, with upgraded processors, cameras, and potentially less storage than the Galaxy S21 lineup. With the tagline of the event looking like handwritten font, we might have also gotten confirmation that the Galaxy S22 Ultra will adopt an S-Pen slot and will be a real Galaxy Note replacement, for the power users that have been waiting.

But aside from the new phones, rumors are also picking up steam about a refreshed flagship tablet from Samsung. The Galaxy Tab S8 would be the next one up, and there’s a good chance we see some new One UI and other software improvements to spice up the rest of the year. Those will probably trickle back to some older phones in some capacity, which is promising for Galaxy S21 users that aren’t ready to upgrade quite yet.

Sit tight. We’re just a couple weeks away.

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