Samsung’s Galaxy Fit 3 is Official With A Bigger Display

The Samsung Galaxy Fit Series Returns From The Grave, With the Fit 3

Samsung's Galaxy Fit 3 is Official With A Bigger Display 5
Image Credit: Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 came out in 2020 with the typical fitness tracker build: a band-like build and a narrow screen that could fit on that form factor. For fitness fanatics, the Fit 2 was a solid purchase, but from 2021 to 2023, Samsung left them in the dark, leaving Galaxy Watch models as their only upgrade option.

We knew it was coming, but we weren’t expecting it out of nowhere. The Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 has quietly launched at an accessible $62 price point, bringing all the improvements over its predecessor you’d expected after a four-year hiatus. You’ll first notice that it looks more like a smartwatch (reminiscent of the Apple Watch), with a 1.6-inch AMOLED display — nearly 50% bigger than the Fit 2.

The fitness tracker comes with an aluminum chassis and a single side button and is available in gray, silver, and pink colorways. You’ll also get the advantage of IP68 water and dust resistance — after all, what’s a fitness tracker that can’t brave the elements with you? According to Samsung, you’ll also get a battery that lasts as long as 13 days.

What Features Does The Galaxy Fit 3 Come With?

Samsung's Galaxy Fit 3 is Official With A Bigger Display 6
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If you’re strongly considering the Galaxy Fit 3, you’re likely to be a very active person, and it won’t be surprising if you’re more concerned with the features it comes with rather than how sexy it now looks. As expected, it can do a lot.

The Galaxy Fit 3 comes with a heavy focus on sleep tracking. It’s evident since you can not only track your sleep patterns, but you can monitor blood oxygen levels as you sleep and, with a paired Galaxy smartphone, even detect snoring.

The Galaxy Fit 3 also supports tracking your activity with more than 100 different kinds of workouts, so no matter how niche you think your exercise is, it can probably help you track it. With this wearable, you can monitor your heart rate and stress levels It also comes with built-in fall detection.

Is This A Better Choice For Me Than The Latest Galaxy Watch?

Samsung's Galaxy Fit 3 is Official With A Bigger Display 7
Image Credit: Samsung

The Galaxy Fit 3 will be available in some markets starting today, but you might be asking, why should you get it over a shiny new Galaxy Watch 6?

The Galaxy Fit 3 is a fitness tracker, and even though it looks more like a smartwatch than ever this year, its capabilities are significantly more muted than those of a full-blown Galaxy smartwatch. It doesn’t run Wear OS and only comes with pre-installed apps. Its focus is on fitness features without much else bogging things down, and the price reflects that.

So, if you’re a gym lover, athlete, or fitness freak, and you don’t need all the extras and the higher price tag that come with a Galaxy Watch, the Fit 3 should be right up your alley.

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