Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 Lite looks like the Note 10, S10e, and S11 had a baby

Samsung’s imminent ‘lite’ model of their top-tier flagship has been named but not seen till now, with leaks revealing a design echoing aspects of the Note 10, S10e, and S11 all at once.

The launch of Samsung‘s questionably-necessary new ‘Lite’ models of their flagship Galaxy S10‘s and Note 10‘s is imminent yet we’ve heard surprisingly little about them in comparison to Samsung’s typically very leaky boat, and we still don’t know specs like the processors.

We do, however, now finally have some leaked renders of the Note 10 Lite uncovered by WinFuture, and the images reveal a fascinating design influenced by Samsung’s other current and upcoming smartphones.

In particular, the Note 10 Lite overall has the body shape of Samsung’s S10e with a flat display (which is almost certainly 1080p); the central selfie camera cutout like the bigger siblings of the Note 10 family; but a rear camera housing reminiscent of Samsung’s upcoming S11 series (or many of their recent midrange smartphones).

Leaked colour variants

These leaks also likely confirm the full presence of all three standard, ultrawide, and zoom rear camera sensors, but no Time-of-Flight depth sensor like the other Note 10’s sport, as well as the maintenance of the Note-staple S-Pen.

Given the S11 series launches in only two months, we must assume the launch of the S10 and Note 10 Lite variants to be imminent, and we’ll have to wait till then to see whether they turn out to be real contenders in the market or not.

Source: WinFuture

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