Samsung’s new Pro Plus and EVO Plus MicroSD cards offer fast read/write speeds and enhanced durability

With cameras getting more and more megapixels which results in larger file sizes, the need for speedier MicroSD memory cards has never been greater. And it’s not just smartphones that are taking better and bigger images, we have drones, action cameras, security cameras, and more capturing pictures and video in up to 4K UHD resolution. To help with this, Samsung’s new Pro Plus and EVO Plus MicroSD cards offer lightning-fast read and write speeds with increased durability in numerous capacities.

The Pro Plus MicroSD cards will come in 128/256/512GB capacities with read and write speeds of up to 160MB/s and 120MB/s respectively and are aimed at ‘discerning content creators’, or those that want speedier content transfers.

The EVO Plus cards will support up to 130MB/s transfer speeds and boast up to 1.3x faster sequential read speed compared to its predecessor, with 64/128/256/512GB capacities available. If you were wondering, the EVO Plus range is aimed at ‘casual users’ who need high reliability and stable performance.

Samsung’s newest MicroSDs offer improved six-proof protection, two more layers of protection than the previous generation, making them able to withstand water, extreme temperatures, x-rays, wear out, drops, and magnetic impacts. Both the Pro Plus and EVO Plus MicroSD cards are on sale from today on Samsung’s store via the link below.
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