Save 10% on custom NZXT PC builds and parts, including motherboards and more!

NZXT is getting into the Black Friday spirit by offering 10% off its collection of PC components, as well as its BLD prebuild PC service. If you’re shopping around for a new motherboard, AIO cooler, or a new PC altogether, you may want to check out this promotion to see if anything takes your fancy.

We’ve reviewed countless NZXT products here and gave the revamped NZXT H510 Flow case and NZXT N7 B550 motherboard top marks.

Building a PC in 2021 has been a strange process thanks to the lack of available stock, inflated prices of electronics, and the comeback of Intel with the launch of 12th Gen processors. Building your own PC doesn’t have to be a daunting task, but if you really don’t feel comfortable, NZXT will happily install all the parts, test the system, and ship it out to you at a 10% discount for Black Friday.

The NZXT BLD service uses the company’s excellent range of PC cases and other parts to create something truly special for PC gamers, starting with the Foundation PC. Should you feel comfortable enough to go it alone, you can save the same 10% across the entire range of NZXT parts, including motherboards, power supplies, and AIOs. We’ve rounded up a few below:

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