Save $400 on this Surface Laptop 5

We’re in a strange period when it comes to holiday shopping. Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are over but some early holiday deals are live. That means you have to be extra careful when considering if you’ve found a good deal. Right now, Microsoft and Best Buy have discounts on the solid laptop, getting you a Surface Laptop 5 for $899.99.


A flagship Surface laptop

The Surface Laptop 5 is a solid laptop, especially for those that value the esthetic and design of the Surface family. It builds on years of Surface Laptops before it. Some would argue that the Surface Laptop 5 builds on its predecessors a little too much, which is a fair criticism given that the general design is the same as the original Surface Laptop from 2017. But with the iterative improvements over the years, you get an impressive laptop that’s the best Surface Laptop to date.

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