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    The Galaxy Watch 3 and Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphone.

    Two of Samsung’s greatest, most popular products are on sale at Amazon. Now’s your chance to save $150 on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 with ECG and fall-detection or $100 on the new Galaxy S21 smartphone. Need something a little bigger? Amazon is also taking $200 off the Samsung Galaxy S21+ and the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

    The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is basically the closest that Android users can come to owning an Apple Watch. It features a heart rate sensor, blood pressure monitor, an ECG, and an SpO2 monitor to measure your blood oxygen saturation. The Galaxy Watch 3 also sports fall-detection, sleep tracking, and of course, fitness tracking features. Both the 41mm and 42mm models of Galaxy Watch 3 are $150 off today.

    The fantastic Galaxy S21 is probably Samsung’s most ambitious phone to date. Not only does it look cool, but it has a large 120hz display, a 5G-capable processor, and some of the best cameras that you’ll find in any Android phone (or any smartphone, for that matter). Again, you can save $100 on the standard Galaxy S21 smartphone, or save $200 on the larger Samsung Galaxy S21+ and the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

    Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

    Save $150 on the 41mm or 42mm Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. With ECG support, fall detection, and other innovative features, the Galaxy Watch 3 is the closet that Android users will come to owning an Apple Watch.

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