Save up to 37% on ASUS keyboards, mice, headsets, and more

As well as what goes inside your gaming PC, the accessories you use with the rig are equally important. There’s no point splashing out upwards of $1,000 (if not more) only to then cheap out on a mouse and keyboard and ruin your gaming experience. This is where Black Friday comes into play, allowing you to save money without losing out on the best equipment.

If you’ve been on the lookout for a deal or two on a new keyboard, mouse, headset, or even a webcam, you can find up to 37% off ASUS gaming accessories at Amazon. We’ve compiled a shortlist of some of our favorite discounts from the promotion below.

ASUS ROG Strix Scope RX Mechanical Keyboard

ASUS ROG Strix Scope RX Mechanical Keyboard | 32% off

The first mechanical keyboard with linear switches designed in-house at ASUS. The ROG Strix RX has waterproof and dust resistance rated at IP57, and even comes with a USB 2.0 passthrough. It’s built for gamers with all the usual features you’d expect to find in a gaming mechanical keyboard.

$89 at Amazon


ASUS ROG Pugio II | 30% off

The ROG Pugio II is an optical gaming mouse with a maximum DPI setting of 16,000. With an IPS of 400 and 40G acceleration, this mouse is designed for most genres of games. It’s even ambidextrous for both left and right-handed people. Other highlights include tri-wireless or wired modes, programmable buttons, and a long-lasting battery.

$70 at Amazon


ASUS ROG Strix Go | 37% off

The ROG Strix Go is a cross-platform headset certified by Discord and TeamSpeak. It has a unidirectional boom microphone, is wired, and has 40mm Essence drivers from ASUS in an airtight chamber design for rich and punchy sounds. It even has noise-canceling for the microphone. It won’t win awards compared to audiophile cans, but for gaming and enjoying some media, this is an excellent headset.

$63 at Amazon

ASUS Webcam C3

ASUS Webcam C3 | 25% off

Some webcams are great, while some are terrible. The ASUS Webcam C3 is in the former camp. At 1080p, it’s good enough for toying around with streaming or joining a call or few.

$38 at Amazon

When it comes to PC gaming, the accessories you use are just as important as the monitor or even GPU. When playing against others in a competitive setting, you want to have as much of an edge (or limit the edge your opponent has) as possible.

ASUS makes some killer products and these discounts are great for anyone wanting to add some Aura Sync hardware to their battle station. Using the company’s software, you can synchronize the lighting effects on these accessories with those inside your case, so long as it all supports Aura Sync.

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