Share Your Apple Store Genius Stories

I just spent 2 hours at an Apple Store (don’t ask) and sitting there by this random tree, hoping that I have not been forgotten (I was) I had the opportunity to listen to other peoples “issues” and how those “Geniuses” are trying to solve them while remaining calm (props to them).

Any “wtf” “face palm” “SERIOUSLY?” stories that you may have overheard or worse … had to deal with first hand? It got me curious.

I will start:

1. Case: A couple walked in, not being able to add their credit card to the wallet
Suggestions from Genius: “please delete your credit card from your Apple ID, otherwise you cannot add the credit card to the Apple Wallet”???
Suggestion 2: after they did not have a 2nd credit card to add to the Apple ID (you have to have some kind of payment details on your Apple ID before you can delete an existing one) he suddenly blamed the persons Apple Watch???
Suggestion 3 … literally 30 minutes later: we should erase your whole iPhone to make sure we are getting rid of any “software bugs”

Plottwist: the couple didnt speak proper German or English so he asked them where they are from so he could use Google translate and they said RUSSIA

after he made some more weird suggestions I just couldn’t stay quiet anymore and was like “sorry to interrupt BUT since you are Russian, your Russian credit card will no longer work due to the “special operation” and the world wide sanctions that go with it”

Genius was like: 🤯 I could see his THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU in his eyes

Next guy walks in

“sorry I just bought an iPhone 2 days ago and I noticed it is getting quite hot when I charge it … on the bus for example”

my brain: SERIOUSLY!?! it is 30 degrees (C) outside. Of course your phone is going to get hot!!!! especially in Berlin busses without AC

some people … props to Geniuses staying calm. I could not have the patience. However, the set up on Apple Stores (at least over here) suck as well. They ask you to sit down somewhere random and then you sit around, hoping that you have not been forgotten. It is so weird. I dont understand why they don’t have a proper “seating” area and then a number on a display comes up to go to your appointment.


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