Shark FlexBreeze fan review: big, quiet and versatile

Shark FlexBreeze Portable Fan two-minute review

I’ve been through my fair share of fans over the years, ranging from small desktop ones (shout out to my original Woolworths desk fan) to larger air circulators. And as excellent as some of those have been, few can match the versatility of the Shark FlexBreeze Portable Fan. If you want something that adapts to pretty much any situation, this could well be the best fan for you.

Shark has built a name for itself as the brand behind some of the best vacuum cleaners on the market, and its sister company Ninja is well respected in the kitchen appliance space, particularly when it comes to the best air fryers. Shark isn’t particularly known for its fans, though. The Shark FlexBreeze, nonetheless, is a classic SharkNinja product – that is, one that’s especially clever and capable replacing a couple of different products in a top-class, well-engineered package.

This is largely because the FlexBreeze is a fan that can be used in as many different ways as you can think of, whether it’s as a conventional pedestal fan or as a desktop fan with its fold-out legs. It also has a mister attachment for use outdoors with cooling water directly from an outdoor tap and can be corded or cordless and run for up to 24 hours away from the mains. This makes it an ideal fan for use virtually anywhere in your home, and it’s a fan that’s so good, that I’ve purchased two of them.

Shark FlexBreeze Portable Fan in a living room

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