Should You Buy iPhone 12?

Apple launches new phones every year and this year they have launched 5 phones. The iPhone 12 is one of the most talked about phones which has a commendable look and rest of the features and specs are also incredible. There are expectations from the Apple Company because they launch electronics which are of value and they have always met the needs of their users seamlessly.

This year Apple has delivered something more palpable and great. Let’s check more in this iPhone 12 review whether it is the best buy or not? We will discuss a few things like the design, display and some phone features which can help you analyze a few aspects of this phone.


Check the spec sheet and camera, you will notice the new design language by simply looking at it. There is a flat metal edge which covers the entire phone and there is a glass which covers the back and front of the phone. The design is not new and it is something which you will notice in all the phones from Apple.  It has a strong grip  and you can stand the phone either from the bottom or any of its sides. It may not be very comfortable for watching the content or photographing and looks a little blocky. However, the design is impeccable.

Phone features:

You will see there are many new parts and the modem central as well as the processor is of great quality. When we talk about the iPhone 12 features there is hardware variety and the 5 nanometer A14 Bionic chip is similar to the one in iPAD air launched in 2020. There is 6GB RAM and you can choose storage of 562 GB, 512 GB or 128 GB. 

The way to upgrade is not possible. The 12 MP camera is in front and you will find a 12 megapixel F2.2 selfie camera. The sensors are improved in the rear camera system and there is a new part which is the LiDAR. In this you will see there is augmented reality (AR) measurement system and this is one of the extra features along with many last year’s additions like the Near-Field Communication (NFC) for Apple Pay, Bluetooth 5, etc.

It also supports Sub-6 style of 5G and there is a wireless charging option as well. The other thing it has is Apple’s Face ID biometric security in the design and the IP68 water resistance along with the Super AMOLED screen that gives a clarity of 460 pixels per inch.


The screen size is upgraded to 6.1 inch OLED display which is somewhat like the iPhone XR and iPhone 11. The ceramic glass is quite robust and it is made of the ion technology. So, the screen is not just pleasing to the eyes but the strong contrast and colours are great. The phone is highly durable and it gives added protection so you do not have to worry about the drops and scratches to a great extent.When screen protection is more, the display has the ability to look good at all times.

Buying iPhone 12 with bad credit:

Buying a contract phone has never been easy for UK residents if their credit rating is bad. It is best to check the phone contract online and compare different plans online before you think of buying a contract phone.

 With bad credit you cannot afford a credit check so try to look for providers who can offer contract phones online without deposit and someone who welcomes all types of scores. This will help you avoid the credit check and they have some flexible payment plans options which will not be a challenge when it comes to paying the monthly bills. 

They can help you get the new iPhone 12 and you will not find it burdensome to clear off the monthly bills. The contract will end in 18 months and the phone will be yours.

Some last thoughts:

The iPhone 12 has many things which are charming for any contract phone buyer. It doesn’t matter even if you are looking for mobile phones on contract bad credit till the time you can get this phone. The complete design and phone features are worth your time and money even if there are a few drawbacks. You will not like to let it go. 

The phone performance is very promising and the camera is one of the most amazing features. It is one of the best iPhones you can get today and it is very easy to admire as well.

The bad part is, battery life is not something you will find very strong. The phone is good and incredible, but if the battery life is not good then this is something not acceptable with this impeccable phone. Compared to other phones which are launched this year, the battery life of iPhone 12 is not very convincing.

If you have no issues charging your phone frequently then you will be happy to buy it. Else, you can wait till the iPhone 12 Max pro arrives and maybe you can get something better in terms of battery and other features, otherwise this phone is recommended highly for iPhone lovers.