SmartThings Pro Looks Like the Ultimate Smart Home Panel

Samsung’s SmartThings smart home ecosystem is compatible with a lot of hardware, and blends seamlessly into your home if you happen to have Samsung devices. Samsung is rolling out a new SmartThings Pro panel, and we’d really like it if the company made it available to everyone.

Samsung has just announced a new SmartThings Pro panel, which allows businesses and other organizations to keep track of SmartThings appliances and devices throughout a workplace. There are a lot of cool features, including customizable APIs for seamless integration with existing systems, AI Energy Mode for intelligent power-saving, and a desktop-sized dashboard for monitoring IoT device connectivity. This AI-powered dashboard enables businesses to optimize device usage and adopt energy-saving practices, contributing to a more sustainable and cost-effective operation.

Screenshot of building control interface, with panels for energy consumption, temperature, and other details.

SmartThings Pro also enhances the operation of connected devices in corporate environments, such as SMART Signage, hospitality displays, air conditioning systems, and digital appliances. Businesses can manage various environmental factors like temperature, humidity, and lighting, and integrate sensors like cameras for enhanced monitoring and control. Chanwoo Park, Executive Vice President at Samsung Electronics, said that “our customized solutions strengthen display performance in apartment buildings, residential spaces, public facilities like schools and commercial spaces like retail, hotels and offices. SmartThings will not only improve performance for these operators, but it will reduce cost.”

Even though most of those features aren’t relevant for home users (you probably don’t have a digital sign in your kitchen), it would be great to see a variation of this panel for all SmartThings users. There is a SmartThings Windows app, but it doesn’t have a combined information display like the SmartThings Pro screenshots, and there’s no desktop app at all for Mac or Linux. Custom-built systems like Home Assistant offer more options for information panels.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like SmartThings Pro will be available for regular home users, at least right now. We’ve reached out to Samsung to confirm just in case, but the announcement says “business” every three sentences, so we don’t have our hopes up. Maybe Samsung will think of rolling this out to everyone eventually.

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