Solana’s Second Phone Creates a Buzz; Could Bitcoin Reach $100K? | Video

Could Bitcoin hit 100 and $12,000 and the Solana phone is buzzing. Welcome to Coin Desk daily. I’m your host, Jen Sasi Bitcoin is up over $49,000 today. That’s as of around noon, we’re up over 3% of the day on chain data provider. Crypto Quon says that prices for the largest Cryptocurrency by market cap could touch 100 and $12,000 this year. If the current trend of inflows related to spot ETF S continues. CEO key young Z said on X quote, Bitcoin market has seen $9.5 billion in spot ETF inflows per month, potentially boosting the realized cap by 100 and $14 billion yearly. And quote. He added that even with G BT C outflows, the realized cap could increase drastically moving on to another layer one now, Solana’s second phone has received over 100,000 presales in just over a month. Solana Mobile’s Chapter two smartphone has secured $45 million for development. The phone like its predecessor will have custom features designed to integrate, buy, sell, hold and use cryptocurrencies on a co-founder. Anatoli Yakovenko told Coindesk, it’s really tough to beat Apple and Google on camera and the other tech specs adding, that’s why we really care about the crypto specific features. We’re trying to build something that you can’t get on another device. The company now plans to deliver units to customers in 2025 and Ripple owned crypto custody firm, Medicos CEO and head of product have left the company. A ripple spokesperson confirmed the news and said that custody remains integral to ripple’s growing business. That’s wrap for Coindesk daily. Get more updates on and we’ll see you next time.

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