Spain’s Largest Telecom accepts Bitcoin, Alts for payment

With crypto adoption on the rise, companies around the world have gradually been enabling crypto payments. Now, according to reports, Spain’s largest telecommunications company—Telefónica—is now accepting cryptos like Bitcoin for the purchase of products on its tech marketplace.

Reportedly, the company activated purchases with crypto on after adding a payment feature provided by Spain’s largest crypto exchange, Bit2Me. Furthermore, Telefónica has also invested in Bit2Me and other details regarding the same are expected to be released soon.

Telefonica, on its part, also announced a collaboration with Qualcomm to explore joint commercial metaverse opportunities and the launch of XR/metaverse products and services earlier this week. The officially released statement noted,

“This agreement opens the opportunity to deliver new experiences to customers merging the digital and analogue worlds, re-imagining commerce, entertainment, and communication in the Metaverse.

In fact, the Spanish telco giant also has the NFT box checked. Earlier this year, it partnered with Polygon to develop Web3 solutions and enable companies to issue NFTs easily.

Other companies that accept crypto payments

In an attempt to embrace new technologies and provide enhanced experiences to customers, a host of big brands recently diversified their payments system. In May, for instance, Gucci announced that it will start accepting cryptos like Shiba Inu, Dogecoin, Bitcoin, and Ethereum in selected stores. Around the same time, Balenciaga also started accepting Bitcoin and Ethereum as a payment method for specific outlets.

Mexican restaurant chain Chipotle announced in June that it will be accepting cryptos as payment. In fact, it recently mirrored Ethereum’s Post Merge. The prominent food chain noted that there would be a whopping 99.95 percent off on its steak bowl to commemorate the Ethereum network using 99.95 percent less energy post the Merge.

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Apart from top companies, educational institutions like Wharton have also been testing the crypto waters.

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