[Sponsored] Grab a cheap Windows 10 key with URCDKey’s summer sale

Software can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. URCDKey is an online retailer that offers discounts on activation codes and software keys, so you can get your computer upgraded without having to shell out a ton of money for things like Windows 10 and Microsoft. They’re currently running a summer sale on some software keys right now, making things even cheaper than usual.

Windows licenses can be really expensive, but having a genuine, activated copy can make your life a little bit easier. You get full access to everything Windows can do, including all of the theme and personalization options, plus you can use the growing Windows Store to download apps and games. And if you’re building a PC or need to upgrade something else that missed the free Windows 10 activation window, now you’re chance to snag a key for cheap.

URCDKey typically charges about $15 for this, but using the code TT20 knocks the price down even further to just $11.74.

Office is another program that can be fairly expensive, especially with the non-subscription installs. This sale has you covered there, too, with Office 2019 Pro on sale for around $68. The same TT20 promo code will shave that down to just $53, giving you a fairly inexpensive option to load Microsoft’s latest powerful Office software you on your computer.

Want to save even more off of the Office 2019 price and don’t mind using slightly older software? The perfectly capable Office 2016 is on sale for just $40, with the promo code TT20 bringing the final price down to $31.70. You still get all of Microsoft’s standard Office suite of programs, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote, just without as many bells and whistles. But if you’re just looking to get some work done without breaking the bank, it’s hard to beat this option.

Win 10 Pro Oem Key | sale price: $11.74 (after 20% code)

Office 16 Pro Key | sale price: $31.70 (after 20% code)

Office 19 Pro Key | sale price: $55.01 (after 20% code)

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