[Sponsored] Iodé Is a Smartphone Startup Selling Ethical, Environmentally Friendly Handsets that Also Protect Your Data

Smartphones have changed the world, and mostly for the better. They’ve allowed us to stay in touch with each other, keep on top of the news, take endless photos of cherished moments, and much, much more

But all this has come at a cost. 

For one thing, smartphones are terrible for the planet. Sourcing materials and manufacturing devices take a toll, and the problem is exacerbated by the millions of perfectly functional phones that are discarded every day in favor of newer models. 

For another, smartphones have taken a wrecking ball to your privacy. Your device is constantly sharing its location with different services, telling businesses about your likes and dislikes, and generally laying your whole life bare. One 2018 study showed that a sleeping Android phone running Chrome shared its location 340 times in 24 hours, while another study in the same year showed that 88.4% of apps communicate with Google and 42.6% are in cahoots with Facebook. 

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