[Sponsored] OPlayer, the Acclaimed Video Playback Tool, Is MyAppFree’s Latest App of the Week

OPlayer is the latest app to earn a spot as MyAppFree’s App of the Week. You can pick it up free of charge from the 20th to the 22nd of November, saving yourself a cool $4.99 in the process. 

For the uninitiated, OPlayer is a professional video playbook tool from Olimsoft that’s been eight years in the making, boasting support for pretty much every conceivable video format, including MKV, MP4, AVI, FLV, WMV, and others. 

But why would you need a dedicated video playbook tool, when your phone or tablet already lets you play videos? 

Simple: quality. Sure, you can subsist on the free video software that comes bundled with your mobile OS, but if you really want to experience all that life has to offer you need to seek out the best. In the world of video players, that’s OPlayer. 

As you’ve already come to expect from a video player, OPlayer lets you cast videos to Chromecast-enabled TVs, control volume and playback easily, run videos in HD using hardware acceleration, run subtitles, and so on. But it also lets you do stuff you probably can’t do with your existing player. For example, you can easily control the playback speed of your videos, slowing them right down or speeding them up as the occasion demands. 

It also lets you view videos in a floating window so that you can poke whatever you’re watching into the corner to make way for the other things that you need to see on your screen. You can play videos in the background, too, allowing you to enjoy the audio alone – a deceptively simple twist that will change your life once you start using it. 

And OPlayer’s charms extend beyond playback, with a file manager that lets you quickly and easily identify, organize, and share the video files on your device and SD card, saving you countless future hours of tedious searching. 

Whether you think this functionality is worth paying for is totally up to you. But right now OPlayer is free of charge from 20th to the 22nd of November thanks to MyAppFree, so head to the Google Play Store to download it right now.  

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