[Sponsored] The Ark Legends Pre-Registration Campaign Is Here, and You Can Win Real-Life Prizes for Signing-Up

Ark Legends

Following last December’s closed beta, the Ark Legends pre-registration campaign is officially underway. That means we’re all one step closer to getting our hands on one of the most anticipated games of 2022. 

To get involved, all you need to do is go to the official Ark Legends website and enter your details. There are five different pre-registration milestones, beginning at 100,000 and topping-out at a cool million. At 100,000, players will get 100,000 Gold, and at 300,000 they’ll get 100 Energy and 1 Rare Iron Core. You’ll be pleased to learn that the first of those milestones has already been reached. 

Next stop, 500,000, at which point players will get 10 Iron Core. At 700,000 they’ll get 2 Rare Iron Core and 1 Hero Summon Chest (A), and 1,000,000 every player who has pre-registered by the time Ark Legends launches will get 7 Rare Iron Core. 

We wouldn’t bet against all five of those milestones being reached. 

On top of which you’ll earn a free lucky draw when you throw your name in the hat, with a second draw available if you persuade a friend to pre-register. Prizes in the draw include AirPods, Amazon gift cards, in-game diamonds, iron core, and energy. 

In case you still don’t know what all the fuss is about, Ark Legends is a highly polished steampunk RPG with Disney-esque presentation, a colorful cast of characters, a gripping story, and rich turn-based strategy gameplay. 

Set on the land of Ark, where explorers have unearthed some powerful Vitan technology from the ruins of a fallen civilization, Ark Legends sees you competing for control of these relics using a deck of powerful heroes. 

The game boasts six factions, daily missions, quests, dungeons, a guild system, and a whole raft of features designed to ensure that the gameplay remains tactically invigorating and infinitely fun.

Pre-registering for Ark Legends is a no-brainer, but you can get even more involved by joining the Content Creators Program. This ingenious scheme will let you test new versions of the game, talk to the developers, and earn exclusive in-game items. 

You can apply to join the Content Creators Program here.

Good luck!

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