Spotify hit with cease and desist from music publishers

Spotify is being accused of engaging in “direct infringement by hosting unlicensed musical works in its lyrics, videos and podcasts” by the National Music Publishers Association. In a new letter sent to the music streaming service this week, the NMPA alleges that Spotify “distributes music videos and podcasts using musical works without the consent of or compensation.”

In the letter, the full text of which was obtained by Billboard, the NMPA says that Spotify hosts “unlicensed musical works” and profits from that content – without paying the respective publishers and rights holders:

Spotify thus appears to be engaged in direct infringement by hosting unlicensed musical works in its lyrics, videos, and podcasts, and by distributing unauthorized reproductions, synchronizations, displays, and derivative uses of these musical works to its users. Making matters worse, Spotify profits from such infringement.

The NMPA also takes issue with Spotify’s plans to allow users to remix songs:

We also understand that Spotify wishes to offer a “remix” feature allowing Spotify subscribers to “speed up, mash up, and otherwise edit” their favorite songs to create derivative works. Spotify is on notice that release of any such feature without the proper licenses in place from our members may constitute additional direct infringement.

As such, the NMPA says:

Accordingly, on behalf of our members, NMPA demands that unlicensed lyrics, music videos, and podcasts be removed from the platform or Spotify will face copyright liability for continued use of these works.

Notably, Apple Music is not mentioned at all in the NMPA’s letter, signaling that the organization is solely accusing Spotify of such infringement. Historically, Apple Music has been much friendlier to artists and creators than Spotify, paying royalty rates that at least double per stream.

You can read the full letter from the NMPA to Spotify over at Billboard.

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