Spotify’s latest library refresh is all about putting podcasts in your face

Spotify’s recent hobby has been podcasts. They’ve invested pretty heavily in some podcast services, and they’re going to want a little return on investment.

That’s why the latest refresh for the library section of your Spotify account isn’t really focused on music; it’s all about getting your attention with podcasts.

Now at the bottom (at least for Premium users) you’ll notice that there’s an extra tab for podcasts. You’re always one tap or swipe away from being able to check out your podcast library, including current episodes, downloaded episodes, and any shows you’re subscribing to.

Your old music library isn’t changing, so don’t worry too much. Spotify’s even adding a playlist specifically just to hold all of the songs you’ve loved on the service.

Spotify says everything’s a little more streamlined, and maybe they’re right; but from the outside looking in, it’s hard to see it as anything else but trying to force podcasts onto their massive subscriber base. At least it’s still better than YouTube Music, though.

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